Sepas Holding Vision

The software and online services industry, of which Ariapardaz Raika is a subsidiary, is an economic-justice oriented, stable and reliable industry, which facilitates Iranian daily routines and the cycle of economic activities (agriculture, industry and other services) provides an easy, fast, customer-oriented way with lowest cost in a comprehensive manner, and while constructively and effectively interacting, seeks to gain an excellent position among rival countries and proper use of the country’s capacities, strengthen the position of fintech industry. Protecting national assets as well as providing comprehensive services, including online insurance services and customer clubs to households, businesses and foreign customers.

Sepas Holding Mission

First: Develop software culture and improve online services.

Second: to increase diversity and development of service products

Third: Increase insurance customers using bundling methods, retain current customers and attract more valuable customers in the customer club

Fourth: Design and launch integrated online service platforms to present clarified prices and customer-oriented policies for insurance companies.