Netsis Pay

Netsis pay is a FinTech product of Sepas Holding, which was introduced with the aim of creating profitability for businesses and addressing the needs and concerns of businesses in the financial and payment platforms Utilizing the most up-to-date technology in the world, relying on its technical infrastructure and operational position, and benefiting from specialized human capital and supporting its position, the company has been able to take a big step in increasing software and new technologies to increase companies’ profits The goal is for businesses to be able to easily and worry-free transform their traditional models into modern ones, in addition to reducing their operating costs and make more profit.

Implementation of various financial projects and the provision of creative payment services in accordance with the requests of users and customers, along with cooperation in specific projects of Netsis pay operational strategies. Another goal is to help companies reduce costs by introducing new and creative solutions along with a significant presence in the country’s financial cycle. In fact, Netsis pay is a platform that helps companies to enter the competitive arena with more confidence and, of course, stronger steps