Sepas Holding is combination of couple of Insurance, Tourism and finance companies which been introduced with the aim of Entrepreneurship. The mentioned companies were separately active since 2017 and after combining into one has been announced ”Sepas”

Sepas Holding Main Activities

Sepas Holding activities are divided into three main fields: Insurance, Tourism and Finance which started working separately. With combining into one big family we’re trying to take bigger steps in improving the mentioned areas in the country which was our mission since the beginning and became one of the main entrepreneurs so far.

With producing and presenting variety of products and services which some of them existed before the combination, Sepas Holding has earned significant market share in each field.

Insurance Services:

  • B2B Insurance
  • Marketing Platform
  • Insurance Marketing Smart Platform
  • Insurance Tender Offer Platform

Tourism Services:

  • Global Distribution System (GDS)
  • Central Reservation System(CRS)
  • Shana Travel
  • Billing and Settlement Plan(BSP)
  • Passenger Safety Oversight Services Fees
  • Flight Permission Platform
  • Airport Ground Service Platform

Finance Services:

  • Netsis Pay
  • Market Place
  • E-wallet
  • Customer Club

Received licenses

  •  Knowledge based association license
  •  Electronic trust symbol license
  • Computer operation guild license
  • Economical activities license

Sepas Holding Values and Beliefs

Presenting high quality services in fields of insurance, tourism and finance is Sepas Holding main priority. Identifying and solving customers needs in fastest ways possible and creating accessible online platform all over the country as well as our national duty of entrepreneurship development are some of our main goals. Which of course to achieve that we always use latest technologies and gather a professional team of experts in each field. Developing mentioned areas has always been and will be a concern to Sepas Holding team.

Sepas Holding Mission

With focusing on these three areas, as well as entrepreneurship development, we tried to play an important role in growth of Insurance, Tourism, and finance industries. Variety of products and services in every aspect and unmentioned details helped us to answer different customer needs and also help related businesses and startups to grow. In another word, we won’t reach our goals without our stakeholders’ satisfaction and customers.

Here in Sepas Holding, our concern is not only ourselves but also growth and development of our country and acquire those people who are interested in our fields.